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INDCAR GROUP, within its mission to become a leading company in the design and manufacture of bodies and transformation of vehicles for the transport of people, the manufacture of components and metal structures for the sectors of bodywork, railway and automotive, undertakes the commitment to comply with the requirements of the customers, to achieve an adequate level of safety and health at work and sustainable development for its employees, meeting the current legislation. This commitment is materialized in the implementation of a Management System whose principles are the following:

  • OFFERING goods and services that meet the customer's requirements equally in the fields of ecology, economy, work safety and quality.
  • FULFILLING the applicable legal requirements in terms of Quality and other requirements that the organization subscribes, as well as other specific commitments relevant to the context of the organization, such as the code of conduct and internal rules, taking them into account at the time of making strategic decisions within the company.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of the performance and activity of the company in relation to Quality. In this sense, the participation of all employees and the collaboration with suppliers and any company or entity with which agreements are concluded are fundamental.
  • PREVENTION of non-quality, making decisions based on evidence, being rigorous in the implementation of the Management System, in order to control and ensure the continuous improvements applied.
  • INFORMING permanently the customers, suppliers and employees, as appropriate.
  • EXTENDING this policy to the contractors of the Companies, introducing these criteria in the contracts of services, supplies and in the productive processes of the activity.
  • ENCOURAGING the participation in the processes of all the employees of the Companies.
  • ASSIGNING the necessary means for TRAINING to raise awareness among the employees regarding the importance and incidence of their work in order to comply with the requirements of manufactured goods.
  • PROMOTING the development of new technologies, processes and work methods that contribute to the improvement of the quality of manufactured goods and customer service.
  • ESTABLISHING, MAINTAINING, REVIEWING AND UPDATING the objectives and goals established, in order to continuously improve the goods and customer service.

By signing this document, the Management undertakes to lead, promote and maintain this POLICY, as well as to provide all the means at its disposal necessary to meet this objective.

The management shall makes this Policy reach all levels and positions of the company, making sure that it is communicated, understood and implemented and available to all interested parties as appropriate.


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